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My computer is back up and running so I can get back to chattin with you guys.
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On a quiet night in Arendale Elsa the queen of the city was walking with her younger sister Princess

Anna in the gardens just outside of the castle. After a long walk around the castle Anna felt tired

and decided to head to her bedroom for the night. "Good night my queen sister." ,said Anna. "Sleep

well my princess sister." ,said Elsa. They hugged each other and Anna began to walk away while Elsa

decided stayed out a little longer. As Anna got to the door they gazed back at each other one last

time and Anna went into the castle for the night. As soon as the door closed Elsa decided to lay on

the ground with the snow she created, "Looks like peace has finally come at last.", Elsa said while

gazing up at the stars. Then all of a sudden a group of hands came over her and grabbed her. They

were 3 Danish troops and they lifted her up and Elsa tried to fight back but there hold was too

strong for her. Just as she was about to use her powers the guards threw her to the ground and as

she hit the ground her icy high heels flew off her feet exposing them. Elsa tried to get up but

guards pinned her to the ground hard. As they pinned her one of them pulls out a piece of cloth and

places it over her mouth silencing her before she could scream. She tried to remove the gag but

another guard grabs her arm and places it behind her back. The guard finish the gag off with a knot

tied behind her head tight that she couldn't move her lips as her other arm is forced behind her

back. She heard the sound of chains rattling and felt something hard slam on her wrists. She looked

back and saw that her wrists have been shackled behind her rendering her arms useless. Elsa tried

to use her powers but they weren't working for some reason as she continued to struggle. Then she

felt her legs being pinned to the ground as she heard another rattling of chains. She felt another

hard object on her ankles as she looked and saw that her bare feet have been bound together. With

her mouth secure and her limbs bound all she could do is struggle lightly. Then all of a sudden a

pair of boots appeared in her face as she looked up slowly. When Elsa saw the face of the culprit

she was in shock as it was Hans the prince that sought to kill Elsa and claim Arendale. "I'm sorry

to remind you that your reign has unexpectedly come to end your highness." ,Hans said as he looked

down at the helpless Elsa. The guards lifted Elsa up and as they did she looked at him angrily and

tried to lunged at him but the guards held her back. "MMMMYYYYYY  MMMMUUUU DIRMMPH!" ,as she

muffled through the gag angrily. "Make sure she is never found." ,Hans said as he walks away

laughing evilly. Then one of the guards pulled out a wooden club and whacked it on the back of

Elsa's head. When the club hit her she felt a split sec of pain then the world went fuzzy and

slowly went to darkness as she collapsed to the ground unconscious. The guards took her to the

other side of the castle where there's a cliff over looking the water. They put her on the ground

and placed a 5 ft chain to her shackled bare feet and the final touch a heavy iron ball to the end

of the chain. They lifted her up and tossed her over the cliff still unconscious as she fell into

the water. When Elsa hit the water she awoke in shock as the heavy iron ball dragged her down. As

Elsa was sinking she struggled to break free of the bonds but were to firm to break. She jerked,

twist, and lunged towards the surface but she could only watch as the surface grow farther away.

She sank for another few more secs until the ball hit the floor with force that it kicked up a

cloud of sand. When the dust cleared she can clearly see that she was in trouble as she was bound

to floor. She looks up and sees something shiny floating down and it's her icy heels that flew off

when she got ambushed. When her heels hit the floor she began to realize that maybe if she had them

back on she could have her powers reactivated. With no time to spare she jerked back and lunged

forward fast but she was pulled back from the weight. She looked back and saw that the ball half

way buried in the sand when it hit the floor. Elsa continued to struggle as she was beginning to  

move a little bit but with every movement air was forced from her lungs. She gave one final lunge

and the ball was on the edge of a sandy hill. One last bubble left her mouth and she began slipping

into drowning and she began sinking. As she was sinking the ball began to roll down the hill with

her. When Elsa hit the floor her icy shoes slides down and into her hands. With her shoes in

contact with in touch her powers reactivated by freezing the bonds and shattered them to pieces.

When the chains broke she began to float to the surface. Elsa floated to the surface and sure

enough she took a big gasp of air and began to cough out the water in her body. With her air

returned and shoes back on she swam back to the shore and headed back to castle hoping Anna and

everyone else is OK from whatever Hans has planned in hoping to bring him to justice.      


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philip arcobascio
United States
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My computer is back up and running so I can get back to chattin with you guys.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: metal music
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: monday night raw and friday night smackdown
  • Playing: not much
  • Eating: anything
  • Drinking: coca cola zero

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